It’s finally June 12! That means one of my favorite shows returns tonight. The Bold Type is a show about three women working in different areas of editorial. Jane is a new writer. Kat is a social media manager. Sutton is a fashion assistant. These three best friends are conquering editorial one by one.

This show is not only entertaining, but it also shines a light on important topics. Here’s why you definitely need to tune into Freeform tonight to watch The Bold Type.

It Depicts Real Life

You know those shows that are just unrealistic? Think about the older tv shows like The Secret Life of the American teenager. It just didn’t seem realistic. The Bold Type depicts real situations that women go through. For example, Jane speaks about how she never had an orgasm. That is real on so many levels. Most women can’t orgasm through penetration, and I love that the show brought this up.

Also, Sutton was torn about choosing her dream job or one that pays a higher salary. If you live in New York like me, you know how important money is. Rent in the city ranges from $2000-$4000. That’s a lot of dough!

It Educates People

Nikohl Boosheri plays the character Adina, a lesbian muslim woman in New York City. This is huge because we often forget about the difficulties Muslims face in America because of the negativity the media shows. Not only is it hard being Muslim, it is also difficult as a lesbian in this country where people judge you all the time. The Bold Type educates its viewers on certain lifestyles, which is what we need.

It’s All About Women Empowerment

These women go after what they want and aren’t afraid to do so. They are thriving in New York City, while keeping up with their personal lives. The women in this show support each other. Even the editor in chief, Jacqueline, supported Jane when she left for another magazine. This is everything we need in the world.

The Bold Type premieres tonight at 8/7c on Freeform.

My first poetry book will be released this year. I have worked on it for so long, and it never seems perfect. This is my most vulnerable collection and there are so many hidden themes and meanings. In order for you to understand the collection, I’ve decided to disclose some important facts about the book.

1. What’s the Theme?

The theme of the book surrounds relationships and loss. Each title of the poems are names that men have called me. Some are negative and some are positive, but they all have had a huge impact on my life.

2. Are There Recurring People Throughout the Book?

There are recurring people/characters throughout my book because certain people have affected me more than others. My first love taught me a lot about life, so I still value him. Other men that appear a lot in the book are: my boyfriend from college, my husband, and my inspiration. For the sake of privacy, I do not name these men but as you read through each poem, you may be able to guess who it’s about.

3. What are Some Important Topics Discussed?

There are topics, such as mental illness, sex and abortion, that occur throughout the collection. None of the poems are vulgar, but I do like to write about deep topics that may make you feel uneasy. Relationships are an important part of life and they have a huge impact on us. They aren’t always happy. Sometimes you have to read about the dark side of love that drives people crazy.

4. Who is the Book Intended for?

This collection is for young women who need to know that there are other women who have experienced the same problems as them. It is also for the man who takes women for granted and need a reminder that every time they hurt a woman, it takes a bit of their soul.

5. Who Are My Influences?

I admire Rupi Kaur for the realness she portrays in her poetry. She influenced me to write the truth. My mother appears in my poetry a lot because she’s had the largest impact on my life when it comes to men.


Losing Myself to Men will be released this winter. I will be posting some poems throughout the year to give you a feel of the book.

I’ve recently gained new followers on my site (thank you so much, it means a lot to me), and I love connecting with all my readers. With so many social media platforms available, it can be overwhelming trying to connect with my loyal followers. So I’ve decided to dedicate this post to my favorite apps that I’m always on. If you can’t reach me on these apps, I might be dead (I hope not).


I am on Instagram literally a hundred times a day. I’m a social media coordinator and content writer, so it’s a huge part of my job. If you ever need to ask me questions or just want to say hello, Instagram is the platform to find me on. You can follow me at @ambermosswrites .


I know a lot of people believe that email is dying, but I’m a huge fan of email. I love receiving emails, and I check my Gmail app every hour. Send me your poetry, and I will definitely read it. I also love editing magazine articles if you ever want to send them my way. I will usually get back to you within an hour. So drop me an email at .


I mostly use snapchat to catch up on celebrity news but, I’m on it daily. You can send me funny(but appropriate) videos. My followers on Snapchat are also the first ones to read my content. So follow me at @ayyyitsamber .


I use Tumblr to post my poetry, so I try to check it weekly. It’s not my largest platform but do enjoy getting messages on there as well. Recently, I’ve been getting anonymous messages that really touched my soul. I’d love to know who’s been sending them to me. So anon, if you’re reading this now, reveal yourself please. If you want to read some amazing poetry, follow me at @awritersart .


Yes, I’m also on Twitter and Pinterest, but I don’t check those too often. You may not ever get a reply from me. I apologize. But don’t be shy. Reach out to me and let’s collaborate! My readers are my biggest inspiration.


With spring finally in full bloom here in New York City, it’s time to do some spring cleaning (and I’m not talking just talking about your house). We all have things that we hold on to that should have been left in winter. I’m here to tell you that it’s time to get rid of the things that are weighing you down. Here’s how to spring clean your life.

Get Rid of Clothes You Can’t Fit Anymore

No, you’re not going to wear those pants two sizes too small if you lose weight. It will not motivate you to get back in the gym. Old clothes just take up space in your closet and if you live in New York City like me, you know how valuable every inch of space in your closet is. Make it a rule that every time you buy something new, throw out something old that you don’t wear anymore.

Let Go of Toxic Friendships

If you have a friend that only comes around when they need something, you need to say goodbye to them. They are not adding value to your life. Also for those “friends” that are super negative and constantly bring down your mood, hasta la vista!

Get Started on that Job Search

With graduation approaching, companies are hiring new grads like crazy this season. It’s true that the first applicants usually get the job; so don’t wait to apply to your dream job. Even if you believe you’re not qualified, apply anyway. You just might get that interview where you can shine.

Move Away from Your Hometown

Sometimes the best course of action is to move. Our past can hold us back from our future. In my hometown, I couldn’t thrive the way I wanted to because I wasn’t in a creative atmosphere. Once I made the move to The Big Apple, I felt fulfilled. I now have my dream career (notice I didn’t say job).

It’s alright to make changes in your life for the better. Sometimes the most drastic changes are the ones that do us the most good. So get up and clean up your life!


Growing up, I used to watch Bad Girls Club. It was my favorite show, and I always looked forward to new episodes. My best friend and I vowed that we would audition for the show soon as we turned 21. Sadly, they cancelled the show literally the year we turned 21. I always thought I would be perfect for a reality show. Here’s why:

I’m dramatic AF

I don’t try to hide the fact that I’m super dramatic. I take all my emotions to the extreme. If I’m mad at you, I will make sure you know it. If you take too long to text me back, I’m gonna blow up your phone. Sorry not sorry.

I’m super petty

My best friend and sisters can attest to the fact that I’m the queen of petty. I don’t know why. I think it’s a disease. But once you get me going, I don’t stop. I hold grudges and will make your life a living hell if you get on my bad side. That makes great TV.

There is so much drama in my family

Things that happen my family are like things you would see on a soap opera. I don’t know why my family brings so much drama, but if you want to be in my life, get ready for a roller coaster.

I love adventure

I hate the simple life and constantly have to be amused. That’s why I seek adventure. Bring on the biggest roller coaster and the spiciest food. I’m always down to try new things. If you want to me with me, you have to be ready to be adventurous with me. Or at least stand by my side while I do crazy things. Don’t judge me.

I don’t conform

I don’t follow others, and I hate when people tell me what to do (unless it’s in the bedroom). I follow my own guidelines and if I were on TV, everyone would either love me or hate me for it. Either way, you would keep watching me. I’m arrogant, I know.

In all seriousness, I wouldn’t go on TV and act a fool. But I would love for everyone in the world to know my name. So if you ever see me on TV, make sure you tell everyone you knew about me first. 😉


I came across an image on Pinterest that stated, don’t marry the man that gives you butterflies. I want to call B.S. on this image. The media is teaching women to search for men they are comfortable with instead of men that excite them. I do not agree with this philosophy. Here are my reasons why I believe you should definitely marry the man that gives you butterflies.

Excitement is important in a relationship

Let’s be honest, we all get bored with simple things. We seek excitement and adrenaline. If your relationship is not filled with excitement, it will fail. If your partner fails to give you those butterflies each time you see them, it could lead to you seeking it elsewhere.

The honeymoon phase does not have to be short term

It is believed that the euphoric phase of a relationship is just in the first year, but it doesn’t have to be. If someone really loves you, they will do whatever it takes to make you happy. They will keep trying to impress you which will keep the euphoria around. As long as two people are really trying to keep the spark in their relationship, the butterflies will not diminish.

You should be taking risks sometimes

Life is fun and you should be living it. If you have a choice between a man who gives you butterflies and a man who is nice to you and makes you feel comfortable, definitely choose the first option. Taking risks will help you enjoy life more. So maybe your relationship won’t last forever, but you will be so much happier knowing that you took that risk.

Remember, relationships don’t make you the person that you are. So don’t choose to be with someone because of the lifestyle they can provide you. It’s okay to choose happiness.

I have been known to be closed off to many people, because I hate being vulnerable. So, today is a very special day for my followers. I am exposing myself and telling you all my five top secrets. So grab some popcorn and get ready to experience something I’ve never done before.

I have wanted to be a writer since I was in elementary school, but I told my family I wanted to be a lawyer.

In my family, money was always the most important thing. So being in the arts was not an option for me. I was determined to be successful, and I needed to make a lot of money to make my family proud. When I first applied to college, I was a political science major. I didn’t change my major to English until junior year of undergrad. Who would’ve thought that I could make a living doing what I love to do?

I used to be jealous of my sister

My sister, Tiny, was always better at certain things than me. She was a great dancer, and she was always thinner and more creative than me. So, I was jealous of her all throughout high school. It wasn’t until college that I realized that we were both great at different things, and that’s alright.

Advertising actually works on me

Most people ignore commercials when they come on. They just wait for their show to come back on. I actually like commercials and if something catches my eye, I go out and buy it the same day. Pathetic, I know.

I was in an abusive relationship for over a year

I stayed with a man who verbally and physically abused me, because I didn’t believe that anyone else would want me. He pushed me in front of my younger sister, and she told me to leave him. I stayed. He actually ended up breaking up with me for another woman, and I am grateful. If he hadn’t ended things, I would probably still be in that toxic relationship.

I have a daughter named Nala

My daughter has always been a sensitive topic for me. Not many people know about her. She died shortly after I gave birth to her when I was 19 years old. I still think about her every day, and I got a tattoo in her honor.

Now that you know my deepest secrets, hopefully you feel a little more connected to me. I also hope you realize that everyone has a past, and it doesn’t define who you are today.