Pregnancy Progress

I know I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog lately, because I’ve been focusing on my health and my magazine articles. This pregnancy has been the most stressful, physically and mentally; but I thank all my followers for being patient with me. So here’s a bit about what’s been going on since my pregnancy announcement.

At every doctor’s appointment, I hold my breath praying to hear the heartbeat. If you’ve ever lost a child, you know how nerve wrecking ultrasounds can be. I also walk extra slow in the rain, careful not slip and fall. I don’t think this will ever change until I have my daughter in my hand, healthy and breathing.

Losing Old Friends And Gaining New Ones

I’ve actually lost many old friends this pregnancy. I’ve always been the person to help my friends but when they take advantage of that, it’s time to let go. When you become a mom, you really see who cares about you and who doesn’t. When you can’t go out all the time, or when you’re trying to save money to take care of your family and they don’t understand. But for all the moms out there, let me just say this: You are not lame for not wanting to go out. You are a mom. And that’s okay.

I’m grateful for the new friends I’ve gained that have been supportive of me. For my friends that understand that sometimes I don’t have anything to give. Going forward in life, I will remember those who lifted me up in my pregnancy, and forget about those who tore me down.

Book Release

My book is still on track to be released this winter. It’s my most vulnerable work and I’m trying to craft it to perfection. Thank you to everyone that have been patiently waiting for the release. Some people will be mad when it comes out, because I expose a lot of people from my past. To this I say, I do not apologize for speaking the truth. I do not apologize for exposing anyone’s true character.

To Those I Hold Dearly

My family has really been there for me during this exciting time. To my mom, thank you for always having a listening ear. To my sisters, thank you for planning my baby shower. If anyone wants to attend, drop me a quick email and I’ll be sure to send you an invitation. To my father, thank you for showing me that a man takes care of his kids no matter what. To Kason, thank you for taking on so much responsibility. To Ariana and Gerald, thank you for being great friends and never expecting anything from me. And to all my followers, thank you for keeping me writing. You really are my inspiration. Look out for more previews of my book coming in the next few weeks.

Don’t forget to read my articles in NYgal to keep up with more of my writing!

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