Why I Cut My Hair

Recently, I made the bold decision to cut my hair. If you know me, I’ve always worn extensions and had hair frame my face. Whenever I did wear my natural hair, I tied it up in a bun so no one could really see it. Ever since middle school, I’ve felt insecure about my hair. Girls would always tell me it’s not long enough or that I needed to straighten it. Fed up with the comments, I convinced my mom to let me wear weaves. I got my confidence back.

Since moving to New York City, I get harassed by men. They tell me how sexy I am and play with my hair.  One time a man even tried to follow me home. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t like to walk outside alone. I know what you’re thinking. I must live in a really rough neighborhood. But no, I actually live in Manhattan. No matter if I’m uptown or downtown, this happens to me.

When I wear my natural hair, it happens less often. It has made me believe that men only think I’m pretty with long hair. My man has even told me that he loves long hair, making me even more insecure. So what did I do? CUT IT ALL OFF! I realized that I needed to find the beauty within me. I needed to know that I’m still beautiful without hair. I am learning to love myself again, and I hope the people in my life will too.


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