For The Lonely Wife

As most people will tell you, marriage changes a woman. What was once fun dates and butterflies, is now lonely nights at home and planning sex. As married couples change as individual people, it often seems like the man holds all the power in the relationship. A woman can lose her soul for the man she loves, but men will just carry on and live their lives as they please. I’m here to tell all you wives, that you’re not alone. And there are a few ways to get your soul back and take control in your marriage.

Find Married Friends

We all have our friends from high school or college that we still adore. However, those friends might not be at the same pace as you in life. If you’re married and you’re friends aren’t, they probably won’t understand the things you go through. It’s a good idea to find someone who understands marriage. Hanging out with single people can also ruin your marriage, because you will see your friends going out and flirting, living their best lives. You will envy them a bit as you realize that you can’t do those things anymore. Going out every night and drinking is not an option for a married woman with a family. Don’t get discouraged though. It’s alright to go out sometimes and have fun. Just remember what you have at home and how grateful you are to have that family.

Learn To Enjoy Doing Things Alone

As your husband works late nights or goes out to watch the game with his boys, it’s normal to feel lonely. It’s never fun watching your husband enjoy himself without you. The best advice I can give you is to enjoy doing things by yourself. Go out and get a manicure. Have a spa day. Go to the beach and read your favorite book. Keep yourself occupied so you don’t spiral into depression.

Decide Whether or Not Your Marriage Is Worth The Loneliness

If your husband cares more about his career than you and your family or puts other people and things before you, it may not be best to stay in your marriage. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for working on your marriage and making it last. But if you’re constantly feeling lonely, then what’s the point of a marriage? Marriage is supposed to be a partnership and you should never feel like you aren’t worth your husband’s time. You are worth it! If he doesn’t see that, kick his butt to the curb!

Don’t forget how special you are. You deserve someone who always puts you first.

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