5 Questions Answered About My Upcoming Poetry Book

My first poetry book will be released this year. I have worked on it for so long, and it never seems perfect. This is my most vulnerable collection and there are so many hidden themes and meanings. In order for you to understand the collection, I’ve decided to disclose some important facts about the book.

1. What’s the Theme?

The theme of the book surrounds relationships and loss. Each title of the poems are names that men have called me. Some are negative and some are positive, but they all have had a huge impact on my life.

2. Are There Recurring People Throughout the Book?

There are recurring people/characters throughout my book because certain people have affected me more than others. My first love taught me a lot about life, so I still value him. Other men that appear a lot in the book are: my boyfriend from college, my husband, and my inspiration. For the sake of privacy, I do not name these men but as you read through each poem, you may be able to guess who it’s about.

3. What are Some Important Topics Discussed?

There are topics, such as mental illness, sex and abortion, that occur throughout the collection. None of the poems are vulgar, but I do like to write about deep topics that may make you feel uneasy. Relationships are an important part of life and they have a huge impact on us. They aren’t always happy. Sometimes you have to read about the dark side of love that drives people crazy.

4. Who is the Book Intended for?

This collection is for young women who need to know that there are other women who have experienced the same problems as them. It is also for the man who takes women for granted and need a reminder that every time they hurt a woman, it takes a bit of their soul.

5. Who Are My Influences?

I admire Rupi Kaur for the realness she portrays in her poetry. She influenced me to write the truth. My mother appears in my poetry a lot because she’s had the largest impact on my life when it comes to men.


Losing Myself to Men will be released this winter. I will be posting some poems throughout the year to give you a feel of the book.

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