The Best Apps to Reach Me

I’ve recently gained new followers on my site (thank you so much, it means a lot to me), and I love connecting with all my readers. With so many social media platforms available, it can be overwhelming trying to connect with my loyal followers. So I’ve decided to dedicate this post to my favorite apps that I’m always on. If you can’t reach me on these apps, I might be dead (I hope not).


I am on Instagram literally a hundred times a day. I’m a social media coordinator and content writer, so it’s a huge part of my job. If you ever need to ask me questions or just want to say hello, Instagram is the platform to find me on. You can follow me at @ambermosswrites .


I know a lot of people believe that email is dying, but I’m a huge fan of email. I love receiving emails, and I check my Gmail app every hour. Send me your poetry, and I will definitely read it. I also love editing magazine articles if you ever want to send them my way. I will usually get back to you within an hour. So drop me an email at .


I mostly use snapchat to catch up on celebrity news but, I’m on it daily. You can send me funny(but appropriate) videos. My followers on Snapchat are also the first ones to read my content. So follow me at @ayyyitsamber .


I use Tumblr to post my poetry, so I try to check it weekly. It’s not my largest platform but do enjoy getting messages on there as well. Recently, I’ve been getting anonymous messages that really touched my soul. I’d love to know who’s been sending them to me. So anon, if you’re reading this now, reveal yourself please. If you want to read some amazing poetry, follow me at @awritersart .


Yes, I’m also on Twitter and Pinterest, but I don’t check those too often. You may not ever get a reply from me. I apologize. But don’t be shy. Reach out to me and let’s collaborate! My readers are my biggest inspiration.


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