Time to Spring Clean Your Life!

With spring finally in full bloom here in New York City, it’s time to do some spring cleaning (and I’m not talking just talking about your house). We all have things that we hold on to that should have been left in winter. I’m here to tell you that it’s time to get rid of the things that are weighing you down. Here’s how to spring clean your life.

Get Rid of Clothes You Can’t Fit Anymore

No, you’re not going to wear those pants two sizes too small if you lose weight. It will not motivate you to get back in the gym. Old clothes just take up space in your closet and if you live in New York City like me, you know how valuable every inch of space in your closet is. Make it a rule that every time you buy something new, throw out something old that you don’t wear anymore.

Let Go of Toxic Friendships

If you have a friend that only comes around when they need something, you need to say goodbye to them. They are not adding value to your life. Also for those “friends” that are super negative and constantly bring down your mood, hasta la vista!

Get Started on that Job Search

With graduation approaching, companies are hiring new grads like crazy this season. It’s true that the first applicants usually get the job; so don’t wait to apply to your dream job. Even if you believe you’re not qualified, apply anyway. You just might get that interview where you can shine.

Move Away from Your Hometown

Sometimes the best course of action is to move. Our past can hold us back from our future. In my hometown, I couldn’t thrive the way I wanted to because I wasn’t in a creative atmosphere. Once I made the move to The Big Apple, I felt fulfilled. I now have my dream career (notice I didn’t say job).

It’s alright to make changes in your life for the better. Sometimes the most drastic changes are the ones that do us the most good. So get up and clean up your life!


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