Does He Have a SideChick?

So many relationships end because of infidelity. It’s become so normal to cheat, that ‘sidechick’ has been added to the urban dictionary. It is the topic of many songs and women are often referred to as ‘main’ or sidechick.’ If you don’t want to get down with this new fad, look for the signs that your man is cheating and leave.

He no longer spends money on you

When your man suddenly starts complaining about having to pay for every date, he’s probably cheating. He might be spending money on other women and therefore, has less money to spend on you. He wants to look cool for his new girl and seem like a gentleman. A committed man will have no problem spending his hard earned money on his girl.

He doesn’t text at normal hours

Did your man used to text you every morning when he woke up? Most guys do, unless they’ve started cheating. My ex used to text me around the same time every day and then suddenly, he stopped. He blamed it on his changing work hours, but that wasn’t true. A committed man will make time to text or call his girl to make sure their relationship is still solid.

He suddenly has more “friends” that you don’t know about

Most guys have three to five friends that they normally hang out with or talk to regularly. If your man suddenly has a new friend that you never met and have no plans to meet, it’s probably a girl that he is seeing. Guys like to show off their girl to their friends like a prize. He brags about her. So you should have met all your man’s close friends at least once. If you haven’t met this new “friend,” start asking questions.

He argues about silly things

Have you ever got into an argument about washing dishes or folding clothes? Something simple that can easily wait until the next day. When a man starts seeing someone new, they start to argue with their girl about simple things that didn’t bother him before. It’s because this new girl in his life seems like the perfect package, and to him, you don’t measure up; or he could be trying to start an argument so he will have an excuse to leave. Neither one of the reasons are good.

He starts to protect his phone

Did your man change his passcode out of nowhere? Does he take his phone everywhere without putting it down? No one is obsessed with their phone that much unless that are cheating. Or a CEO that takes business calls all day. You should notice any change in your partner’s attitude about his phone. If he yells at you for touching it, he may be cheating.

If you still aren’t sure if he is cheating after reading this, come back next week and read my post about how to really know if he’s cheating. I will be giving inside tips on how to track what your man does online or on his phone. Legally. Chao!


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