5 Reasons Why Women are Choosing Not to Get Married

Almost every movie that premieres includes a cute love story that promotes relationships. Typically, the boy meets the girl, and the boy courts the girl throughout; they fall in love and live happily ever after. However, the movies never show the reality of the love story after the excitement of marriage diminishes. In fact, many women end up living happily ever after single. Here are five reasons why women are choosing not to get married.

Women are becoming more self sufficient

More women are obtaining higher paying jobs and staying in their career longer. The decision to further their education and obtain trades, lesson the need to depend on a spouse. Women are owning homes without a spouse and investing in themselves; because of this self-sufficiency, the desire for marriage has decreased.

The meaning of marriage today is different than it was years ago

In earlier centuries in America, marriage was a form of ownership. It meant that the man owned the woman, and the woman was obligated to submit to her husband. Today, marriage is a contract of love; but, some women believe that they can still be in love with their partner without the legalities of marriage.

Some have bad belief systems pertaining to marriage

We have all heard that over 50% of marriages end in divorce. While some sources believe that statement is debatable, hearing this information can make it frightening to tie the knot. It’s not uncommon for women to share the belief that marriage holds no value. Why get married if it is ultimately going to end?

They don’t want the pressure to have kids

Most men expect their wife to give them kids. Often, according to society, it is kind of an unspoken rule that if you get married, you must have kids. Most men aren’t willing to give up their desire for children. Imagine going to all your family functions and everyone asking you, “so, when are you two having kids?” If you know you don’t want kids, that could cause undesirable pressure on couples, and women don’t want to sustain that pressure.


Could it be true that some women just don’t want to get married? I know women are expected to have dreams of a big, beautiful wedding and their knight in shining armor; but some women actually dream of their perfect careers and friendships. Their lives are fulfilled without marriage, and that is good enough.

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