5 Reasons Why Myspace was Better than Facebook

If you were born in the 90s or before, you may remember the top social media website named Myspace. The site allowed users to connect with friends and family, while having a kickass profile. Over the past weekend, I realized how much I miss it. Here’s 5 reasons why Myspace was way better than Facebook.

You got to have a list of top friends

Myspace gave you the chance to number your friends. Your best friend was obviously your number one, while your sister was number 8. If you had a fight with your best friend one day, she was moved down the list. It was perfect for letting friends and acquaintances know where they stand. If I didn’t like you, I simply just didn’t add you to my top list of friends. People took the hint. Nowadays, I have to be mean and tell you that we’re not friends.

Myspace allowed you to design your profile

Much like wordpress, Myspace allowed you to change your profile template whenever you wanted. There were dozens of websites that provided users with unique layouts. These layouts helped users tell the world their interests. In 7th grade, I came out as bisexual; so, I had a rainbow layout to let people know who I was. You can’t do that with Facebook.

You were able to add music to your profile

My profile consisted of the top pop hits. Everyone knew my style of music because of Myspace. Artists also had the ability to add their music and network. Nowadays, artists have to use Soundcloud and direct people to their page instead of just having it all in one place.

Myspace helped users learn basic HTML

Myspace taught me how to bold, underline, and add paragraphs to my profile. HTML is a great skill to have on your resume. Tech companies ask for this skill, and thanks to Myspace, I could possibly get a job with New York Tech Experts (or not).

You could be whoever you wanted, without being called a Catfish

Myspace was a bit more private than Facebook is. You didn’t have to put what school you went to or where you lived. It was completely anonymous. On Facebook, if I don’t put where I live or work, people will think I’m weird, or a Catfish. I miss the days where I could just be a person, not Amber Moss.

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