Why Ladies Should Never Fake Their Orgasm

It is common for women to fake their orgasms. Whether it is to validate their partner, or rush the sex, it is never a good idea to fake an orgasm. Here’s why:

Men will think they’re doing a good job, when they aren’t

Many women feel the need to stroke their partner’s ego, which is understandable if they have real feelings for the guy. However, the woman is always the one to suffer because of this behavior. Men will believe that they got it going on, when in reality, they could use some work. If women keep faking their orgasms, they will never achieve a really great one.

It doesn’t help build trust in the relationship

Sex is a very intimate act. When sex is shared between two people, they are trusting one another with their bodies. Faking or orgasm basically says, “I don’t trust you to make me feel good.” Sometimes women can’t achieve an orgasm every time, and that is fine and normal. Women should trust that their partner will try harder next time.

Once you start, you just can’t stop

Old habits are hard to kick; so, if women keep faking their orgasms, it will become a routine thing. That keeps the woman from actually having real, mind blowing orgasms!

You won’t figure out what works for you

All women are different, especially in bed. What works for one women may not work for the other. The only way to find out is to experiment. If women rush sex by faking an orgasm, they will never find out what really works to help them get there.

So women, don’t fake it until you make it. Let your partner know what you like and don’t like. Go get those orgasms!

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