How to Dress Warm but Still Look Stylish

Moving from Georgia to New York has been a huge lifestyle change. I’ve had to change what I eat and drink and also what I wear. I’m used to wearing skinny jeans and small sweaters in the winter dealing with Georgia weather. Now, I’ve had to figure out how to dress for New York weather. Whether you are moving to the north or just visiting for a while in the winter, these tips will help you look good while staying warm.

1. Get a cute beanie: Beanies are the ultimate accessory in New York. You can get a beanie anywhere. If you are looking for a cheaper option, vendors in Times Square sell high quality beanies for half the price of department stores. Also, it helps to wear a beanie when you don’t feel like doing your hair in the morning, which can be a pain.

2. Leg Warmers: Skinny jeans are great; but in the winter, it can feel like you are wearing nothing. Skinny jeans do not provide much warmth. To fix this, why not dress up your skinnies with some leg warmers? With a variety of colors, leg warmers provide you with warmth and style.

3. Scarves: If you’ve seen Gossip Girl, you’ve seen Serena rock a ton of scarves in New York City. She always looked flawless. Pair a scarf with a t-shirt to brighten your look. Scarves can also be used to shield your face from the harsh winds of NYC.

4. Layer Up: Catching the train in NYC calls for a change in temperature. Nothing is worse than being trapped in all that clothing underground waiting for the train. That’s why I layer up. I wear a short sleeve shirt under a cardigan and top it off with my coat. When I board the train and it gets hot, I just take off my coat. I am still warm with my cardigan on. Layers help you adapt to temperature changes and keep you fashionable.

While you attempt to stay warm this winter, remember to still stay true to your style. When you look good, you feel good!



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