Kylie’s $360 Brushes?!

Everyone knows that I’m a huge fan of Kylie cosmetics. I have every holiday bundle and eye shadow palette she has ever sold. My husband scolds me for spending so much money on the products, but I have always believed that they are well worth the money; until now.

Keeping up with Kylie’s Snapchat and Instagram, I was aware of her new products launching, including her new brushes. I was excited for the full reveal when she discussed it on Snapchat. When I first saw the brushes, my first thought was, “wow, those are beautiful! I have to have them!” I waited for them to launch on the website just like thousands of other people. Soon as the site became active again, I saw the brushes and immediately gasped. The brushes are being sold at over $300 for the full bundle and the cheapest brush costs $18. $18 for one brush! That is ridiculous.

Either Kylie is feeling herself too much, or her business is not doing as well as we thought. In the beginning, Kylie’s products sold out within minutes. Now, you can probably catch all the deals days after she launches them. What does that say about the beauty line? Kylie will tell you that she’s selling the brushes for so much money because they are worth it, and they are of good quality; but I don’t believe that. Kylie, you can afford to lower the prices of those brushes honey! Treat your fans right and maybe some of that backlash you have been receiving will disappear. I still love you though!

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