Does Fenty Beauty really have the best foundation?

After waiting weeks to finally grab the Fenty foundation, I am now an owner of the so-called best foundation on the market. I usually use my Too Faced foundation. I started using the brand in 2016 when I was a stay at home wife and had nothing to do but play in my makeup. I’ve been a fan ever since; however, I just had to try Fenty after watching all the YouTube videos and reading several reviews that claimed the foundation was a gift from God.

What’s good about the foundation?

  1. Fenty Beauty carries 40 shades of foundation. It caters to fair skin and darker skin. I have yet to find another company that offers this range of tones.
  2. The bottle is beautiful. It looks elegant and classy. I wouldn’t mind whipping it out at a company party. I would feel so fancy.
  3. The bottle is super strong. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped the thing (okay, it was five times; but it wasn’t my fault!). The bottle still looks like new. It didn’t shatter like my Covergirl foundation did.
  4. It covers my freckles with just a drop. I have freckles on my nose that I do not adore, and it usually takes two coats to cover them up. With Fenty Beauty, I only need one coat. I also struggle with blotchy skin because of my eczema; Fenty Beauty covers that up as well.
  5. It blends so easily! I never have a problem matching my face to my neck. For some girls, that is a seriously big problem.
  6. I don’t worry about the foundation drying too fast before I contour. I hate to contour on top of dry foundation because it doesn’t blend as well. Fenty Beauty takes waits for me to contour before it dries.
  7. For the lucky number seven, IT’S RIHANNA’S PRODUCT!! That alone is enough to make anyone want to buy the foundation. Have you seen her lately? She looks gorgeous every minute of the day. If I get a chance to possibly look as beautiful as her, I’m going to take it.

So…I would have to agree that Fenty Beauty has the best foundation on the market right now. Sorry Too Faced!


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