Why I decided to Let Go of a Ten Year Friendship

My best friend and I have been friends since middle school. For the sake of her privacy, I’m going to call her T. Growing up, we did everything to together. We shared clothes and makeup; and when my mom let me have coffee, I made sure to get some for T as well. She always stood up for me when I got bullied, and I just knew we were going to best friends forever.

Fast forward to high school; she gained another best friend, and I had to fight for her attention. I’m a selfish friend, I admit. Somewhere in high school, our friendship dropped from equal to 60, 40. She was in charge of our friendship. I waited on her hand and foot. On the day of prom, she made us go to five different nail salons to get her nails done perfectly. We missed dinner and was an hour late to prom. I never said anything. I was still thankful to have her as a friend.

Fast forward to college; we lost touch for a while. I moved from Florida to Georgia and I made new friends. After freshman year, I decided to move back home for school, so I transferred to USF. T dropped out of school and moved back home as well. So we began talking again. It was like we never disconnected. She was still in charge of our friendship. She asked me for money, and I gave it to her. I took out a small loan for her, and she never paid it back, leaving me to deal with the debt.

Fast forward to now; T texted me and asked me to get her an apartment in my name. I avoided her question for a while hoping she got the hint. She didn’t. She asked again, and I finally told her no. Then she asked me to take out a thousand dollar loan for her in my name. That was when I realize that our friendship is always just me giving her whatever she needs. It’s always me giving and her taking, and I have nothing left to give. That’s how I know that it’s time to let that friendship go. It’s draining me. I can’t feel bad about it because friendship should be about partnership, and that’s just not what we have anymore.

So I tell all my followers, do not be afraid to lose a once good friend if it isn’t working for you anymore. Friends will come and go throughout your life; and soon, you will be able to tell who is going to stick around for the right reasons.

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